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Active Cleaning Services Adelaide is a family owned and operated company established 1999. We offer affordable, professional and secure cleaning services to all local homes & businesses with a focus on customer service.

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Active Cleaning Services Adelaide came into being to meet a void in local cleaning service market, we create tailored cleaning services that are designed specifically to meet the individual needs of our clients, where customer service is a priority. Hospitality knowledge at management level has given the Managing Director’s a great deal of understanding of the day-to-day requirements of our customers which has been adaptable across a wide variety of industries.

The void was due to the fact that there are really only two types of cleaning companies.

  • Large operators with franchises who find it hard to monitor and deliver quality services at a value for money price.
  • Small business operators who do not have the depth of knowledge and the resources to meet the needs of large commercial and co-operative companies.


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Active Cleaning Services have a vast portfolio range of commercial cleaning contracts from small offices, cafes and hotels, to major well-recognised companies and organisations in the service and building industries.

Our company acquires 20% of its turnover from domestic cleaning services and the remaining 80% from commercial cleaning services. Using the commercial ideology, we have established ourselves in this market as a respected and trusted cleaning company, with the flexibility to adapt to changing cleaning schedules, offer additional resources on an immediate basis and provide innovative and cost effective cleaning solutions.

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