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  • Blue in-tank toilet bowl cleaner. Features an innovative active enzyme system which is most effective in preventing bad odours and stains, leaving a nice blue colour with every flush Cleans with every flush Prevents stains Leaves a fresh scent Lasts up to 4 weeks Handy hangsell blister pack Septic Safe
    • Made with a powerful fragrance to provide a continous pleasant smell, leaving an odour-free environment Innovative design allowing the freshener to adapt to multiple environments such as a closets, toilets, bathrooms, cars, and more
      • This design prevents the passage to the drain of objects such as cigarette butts, paper, chewing gum etc.
        • Sparkle screen concentrated deodorizing system with enzymes. Protects against costly maintenance of pipework, fixture or fitting. True 30 days performance. Size-free to fit urinals. Designed for water and waterless urinals. Automatically cleans, freshens, deodorizes and disinfects, sanitises. Special splash proof with enough mass to hold strong fragrance. Helps to eliminate odours while preventing clogging. Special. Prevents bacteria/germs from multiplying – prevents clogging. Each new sparkle screen is packed in a sealed bag with glove included for placement or removal.
          • Available in Original, Country or Fresh Linen Fragrance
            • Available in Original or Country Fragrances
              • A sealed hand soap pod system to prevent cross contamination. Each soap pod contains a new dispensing nozzle and is individually wrapped and sealed to be easily placed into the star system dispenser when needed.
                • Door Caution Hanging Sign - Closed for cleaning Sign can extend to fit door openings from 780mm to 1340mm wide Lightweight and compact for easy storage and transport
                  • Continous fragrance and cleanliness with every flush Pot Pourri fragrance Practical closed basket easily adapts to your toilet Does not evaporate with air, acts with water only Plastic is 100% recyclable Sold as a packet of 12
                    • A great multi-purpose brush Hygienic Silicone Flexible toilet cleaning under the rim Easily manoeuvrable Durable brush Easy to keep clean compared to standard toilet brush Used for multipurpose cleaning like toilets, bathrooms, sinks, ceramics, plastics, glass surfaces and more Easy to store and use - remove the inner drain canister to remove excess liquid to keep it hygienic
                      • Premium 2ply toilet paper - 400 sheets per roll, 42 rolls per carton
                        • Premium 2ply toilet paper - 400 sheets per roll, 42 rolls per carton
                          • Screen with NON PARA Block does not evaporate with air, it acts with water only. Contains enzymes that help prevent stains and bad odours. Designed to prevent the passage of objects such as cigarette butts, paper etc. Septic Safe
                            • Our non para urinals blocks are not Hazardous (non PDCB). Lasts much longer than standard urinal blocks as they do not evaporate with air and act only with water. Contains enzymes that help clean the urinal, prevent stains & bad odours. Available in a pack of 12. Septic Safe
                              • Non-Para urinal crystals that do not evaporate with air, since they act with water only. They contain enzymes that help clean and deodorise the urinal. Non-Para urinal Chunks, 750g/40 Tablets per tub Septic Safe

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